Walailak University was founded in 1992, but the vision began to be fully realized in 1997 and the first version began operations in 1998. The university is an agency under the supervision of the government. that has a perfect management model in the university system (Comprehensive University) It provides teaching and learning covering social sciences, humanities, science, technology and health sciences. with public utilities Comprehensive public utilities Including various complete facilities which are part of supporting the quality of life for students and personnel of the university. But with Walailak University Located in a provincial area, Nakhon Si Thammarat. Therefore, the environment has been developed into a university city in the form of a Residential University.

            The university has provided a shop service. Restaurants and various establishments To facilitate students and personnel within the university. In 2015, the university has a policy to establish a unit to manage assets, shops, and various rental spaces, as well as invest or joint venture with the private sector. Therefore, there is a plan to establish a property management unit and to issue regulations for Walailak University. Concerning the management of enterprise units of Walailak University, 2016. And in the year 2017, on March 11, 2017, the university established an agency on behalf of “Property Management Center” became an enterprise unit Under Walailak University To carry out the strategy response of Walailak University in strategic issue 5 University property management to increase management potential and competitiveness The Asset Management Center operates to manage the assets of Walailak University to generate maximum income and benefits for the university. Including creating long-term financial stability of the university.